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Winner of the 2017 Raffle for Authors Acknowledging a Stanford University School of Medicine Core Facility

 Prof. Michelle James Congratulations to Prof. Michelle James!  

Each year we hold a raffle for a $250 AmazonGift Card that is open to authors of scientific publications that acknowledge the contributions to their research of the Stanford University School of Medicine scientific service centers.  The winner of the 2017 raffle is Prof. Michelle James, who acknowledged the contributions of Tim Doyle, Frezghi Habte, Laura Pisani, and the Small Animal Imaging Facility (aka SCi3) to her research reported in a paper in Theranostics ([18F]GE-180 PET Detects Reduced Microglia Activation After LM11A-31 Therapy in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease.).  Prof.  James is a faculty member of the Department of Radiology, Stanford University School of Medicine.

The next raffle will take place in Jan. 2019 for papers published in 2018 (see below for details).

Date Posted: 
Tuesday, January 31, 2017